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Parenting Lessons From A Nine-Year Old

McDonald’s, New York City and the Big Stupid
(w/links to The Fast Food Weight Loss Guide tm)

A Proper Fat Tax

The Changing Medical Lexicon

How And Why To Sue Oprah, The Bovine Billionaire

The Medical Approach To Death By Dieting
Consumer Reports - Profile In Incompetence
Mehmet, Michael and Mengele
Kelly D. Brownell, Ph.D. and Conning the World

Skim Milk or Milk Scam?

NIH And The Sanctioning Of Child Abuse

How To Stop Childhood Overweight/Obesity - Part II

More Sick Care Failures Leading To Child Abuse

The New England Journal of Medicine and the National Socialists

Oprahcide or Death By Oprah. Is it possible?

The Executioners' Diet
Dr. Applebaum's Food Label tm

Somebody Help Me, Please

Political Ventriloquists

Homeopathic Fitness

Dear Rosie From LA

The New X-Files

Mobile Gadgets Measure Meals on the Go

The Zen of Iron

And You Trust These People With Your Life?

Health Care Reform

Stupid Teachers

Flat Earthers


Dr. Applebaum's Food Totems tm

When It Comes To Weight Loss, One Size Fits All

The REAL Preventive Medicine

How Sweet It Was

The Unforgiving

The Low-Carb Lies and Liars

Counter-Trickle-Down Economics


What Floats?

Television-Related Diseases

Cut Tax or Tax Cut?

The Myth of the "Ideal Weight"

Who’s Your Guru?

For the Kids

Start Making Sense

One Free Bite

Rome, USA

Statin Nation

Pediatric Medicine Weighs In

The New Mathematics -- Bigonometry and Flabonometry

Investing in Energy



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